How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop


Hi guys, If you are a regular internet surfer, probably come to across .gif file. It's an image file that allows you to feature animated images, which makes it seem like the image is moving.The best part about GIFs is that they aren't too hard to make. If you have access to Photoshop and a few minutes to spare, you can create an animated GIF in no time. In the following tutorial on making animated GIFs, I'm using the Adobe Photoshop CC, but the steps should be similar in other versions.

we are going to create this example of an animated GIF:


1. Create a new file in Adobe Photoshop with your resolution.
2. Create a shape like we are going to create a loading .gif so we take a circle from menu.
3. Draw Circle and give it style from Blending options.
4. Select layer and open Blending options.
5. Choose Gradient to fill color (Gradient gives a nice shade effect to your shape.)
6. Duplicate the style and place them at desired positions.
7. Now we have a final image to animate.
8. Open Window from title bar and check on Timeline.It will open timeline for frame or video animation.
9. select 'Create Frame Animation'. In first frame you can hide or show your desired layers,
 Here I am going to hide all layes in first frame.
10. Now Create new frame for more layers, show desired layers, I am going to show 1 layer.
11. Do this step till last layer.
12. Now test your animation how is look like by clicking play button in timeline section.
13. You can choose "Once" for one time animate, Or you can choose "Forever" for forever animate.
14. Now click on "Save for web" to export in .gif.
15. Name your .gif file and click save.
16. Thats It. Open your file and Enjoy.